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Investment ideas are always difficult to come by. You could end up doing hours and hours of research and come up with no ideas, leaving yourself sitting in cash.

There is, however, one excellent source of investment ideas that will begin aggregating: Investment Letters.

On a quarterly basis, investment firms publish letters to their investors. Some even do it more frequently. These letters are a write up on how the fund is doing, but a lot of the time they also contain "gems" and wisdom from the fund managers about what they're investing in and why.

Now, it should go without saying, but these letters are not the holy grail. If you're anything like me though, you'll find your favorite funds and authors and get in a pattern of keeping up with what they're doing. It's a fun little endeavor and opens one up to the world of professional investing.

Today, as we've just started aggregating these investment letters, there's only letters from Q1 2022. As we move on, there will be an archive to look back on.

Keep an eye on the Investment Letters page for the latest updates, or subscribe to the newsletter to know when new ones are released.

Here are a few top names so far from Q1 2022:

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