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There's too much to listen to! With new podcasts popping up each and every week, I wanted to take some time to blog about my favorite ones to follow, the ones I always make sure to press play on.

So, here are my favorite podcasts at the time of writing, they're in no particular order.

Invest Like The Best


There's two podcasts from Colossus in this article, but that's just because they do such a fantastic job.

Invest Like The Best, I believe, got the whole network started, and it's a fantastic listen. Patrick O'Shaughnessy, host of the podcast, has fantastic guests from the investing and business worlds. So, yes, it's true that not all episodes are investing related, but it's fantastic nonetheless.

Some recent, great, episodes that focus on investing are:

Business Breakdowns


Business Breakdowns is also from Colossus, and it's what inspired me to start doing tech breakdowns on YouTube, and to start the Tech Breakdowns blog.

On a somewhat decent cadence, Business Breakdowns breaks down different companies and entities from around the world. The most recent episode on Berkshire Hathaway is fantastic, and a great listen for anyone who's followed Berkshire.

Here are some other recent Business Breakdown episodes that I've loved:

We Study Billionaires - The Investor's Podcast


We Study Billionaires is the original podcast from The Investor's Podcast network. I've been a long time listener, and think I've listened to most episodes. With more than 450 currently released though, some have certainly been missed.

Each episode is a little different but, in general, the hosts interview an investment professional on how they do their jobs.

Some recent episodes I've really enjoyed are:



ValueHive is a podcast that I started listening to a few months back. I've really enjoyed the guests and Brandon Beylo's interview style. The conversation's are always free-flowing and I've learned a lot of great things.

Some of my favorites so far have been:

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